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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Budget Thanksgiving Decor

We are all getting ready for Christmas and most of us don’t want to spend any extra money on decorations for Thanksgiving, but you probably already have a lot that could be used, without even knowing it.

The first place to check---your yard. Do you still have pumpkins from Halloween? If they haven’t been carved, they should still be in great condition. What about piles of leaves? Nothing says autumn like the red, gold and orange that’s already on the ground. You can also check with your local farmers to get great deals on hay bales and decorative corn. Some of these may already be on markdown from Halloween, too. My Wal-Mart had their pumpkins marked down to $1. You can make a really pretty set up with just a few of these items. What a perfect way to welcome Thanksgiving guests.

Do you have an autumn colored flat sheet? Cut a table runner from it, sew or use fabric glue to make a hem, then decorate with fabric paint. Or don’t cut the sheet and use it as a table cloth. Don’t have a sheet in the color you need? Check your local thrift shops.

Need a centerpiece? Again leaves can work well, scattered down the middle of the table with a few acorns, seed pods or hickory nuts. You can also try buying some seasonal fruits and vegetables (think apples, gourds, squash, etc.) and clustering these in the middle of the leaves. Or try making your own large candle by melting down your used up stubs in a coffee can and mixing in small twigs, berries, cinnamon sticks and acorns or hickory nuts then pour in a container that can be cut away when it‘s dry. Take down a framed mirror, place in the middle of the leaves, set the large candle on top with some tea lights around it.

For a mantle, hollow out some apples and place tea lights inside. Set these in a line and sprinkle leaves, acorns, etc. around them. For side tables or entry tables, place some long branches with berries on them in a rust or gold colored vase (be careful with small children and berries), and scatter a few leaves around the base. You can also try filling a glass jar with decorative corn and stand a candle inside, then tie a seasonal ribbon around the top.

Want a seasonal aroma in the house? Simmer cinnamon sticks and apple or citrus peels in a small pot on the stove, add a splash of vanilla and you have homemade potpourri that will scent your whole home. Just make sure you keep adding water so that it doesn’t scorch!

Let me know if you have any other great frugal decorating ideas for Thanksgiving. Now, I’m off to hollow out my own apples!

(Photo not mine)

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Leesie said...

I love the picture of the centerpiece in this budget decor post. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these terrific ideas. Leesie