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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mail Call---Lots of Free Magazines!

Lots of goodies this past week!

I’m part of Quad Graphics Readers Club, a company that helps track direct mailings for companies. I spend approximately 5-10 minutes a week calling in the codes on the mail I receive, and get tons of FREE magazines, they also send me 10 free postage stamps a month. I do get some things I don’t use, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, but after calling these in I recycle what I don’t use. For me, the Children’s Wildlife Magazines for my kids are worth the few minutes a week I spend on it. Read more about their program HERE, and send them an email asking to sign up.

HERE is where I got the Always Pads, Tampax and coupons. This included a coupon for a FREE full size box of Always panty liners.

HERE was the Kotex samples and coupons.

HERE is McGruff’s Firearm Safety Education DVD. This came at a perfect time because my son is getting his first 22 for Christmas!

HERE is Super Heroes Battle Underage Drinking Comics. You can order more than one and pass out to your child's friends or class.

The Dove Body Wash Samples are no longer available, but you can get their Hair Care Therapy Sample HERE.

Happy Saving!!!

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