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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tips for Tuesday

I love reading "one liner" tips and tricks. They are quick to go through, and you never know what you might learn, so on Tuesdays I am going to start listing some of the ones I come across through the week. Enjoy!!!


Keep your coffee in the refrigerator for maximum freshness.

Soak potatoes in salt water for at least 20 minutes for a shorter baking time.

Use a fresh cut lemon to get the smell of onion, garlic and fish off of your hands.

If your stacked glasses are stuck together fill the top one with ice water and dip the bottom one in warm water. The bottom one will expand and the top one will contract letting them pull apart.

Keep a cotton ball dipped in vanilla extract in the regrigerator to help with odors.


Remove black heel marks on floors with a pencil eraser.

Keeping your candles in the freezer helps them last longer and prevents extra dripping.

Use Easy Off Oven Cleaner in a well ventilated bathroom to clean soap scum and grime from tubs and showers without all the scrubbing.

Cut dryer sheets in half before using, they work just as well. Keep the used ones to use for dusting. The dust is attracted to the sheet.

Wash clothes inside out to slow down any fading.

Personal Care:

Put tea bags in stinky shoes to get rid of the smell.

Cuticle remover cleans nicotene stains off of hands.

Use a few drops of olive oil in your bath water to soften skin.

Get your hair cut at a beauty school for a huge discount. The students are supervised by licensed sylists.

Keep pantyhose in the freezer to keep them from running as easily.


Recycle empty Kleenex boxes for storing plastic grocery bags.

Recycle used paper towel tubes for storing electric cords.

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