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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Emily Giffin's "Love the One You're With" Review

~Ellen has been married a little over six months to the “perfect” man. Rich, handsome, considerate, passionate, and every fairy tale prince all rolled into one. One day she has a chance encounter with Leo, who had broken her heart 8 years earlier. Ellen soon finds herself at a crossroad in life. ~

What did I think about this book. Hmmm… if you had asked me after the first chapter I would have said that I definitely wasn’t thrilled, but once I finished it, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. I ended up even saving one paragraph with other quotes that I have around that I love.

Did I really like it? Well, it’s not my usual genre, but I try to keep my mind pretty open about what I read. It seemed a bit predictable to me at first, but having never read Emily Giffin, I wasn’t sure if she liked happy endings, tragic ones, or even if her happy ending would be the same point as mine, so I continued to read.

What I did like, was how Giffin seemed to take a direct approach to a serious subject. What would happen if the “one that got away” showed back up once you’re married to someone else? It’s kind of like everybody’s answer would be, “Oh, I’d never do that!” But who really knows what a person would do until they are faced with a situation? I mean, come one, at least be honest with yourself. Ellen asks herself the really tough questions and tries to answer them, and Giffin doesn’t hold back in delving into her character’s heart and mind.

So what does Ellen do? What paragraph about love inspired me enough to take the time to copy it down to keep? Best to get the book and find out for yourself, and see what just might inspire you!


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