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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Few Online Money Makers

Cash4Books is a great way to sell your used books, textbooks, cookbooks, crafting books, etc. Enter the book's ISBN # to see exactly how much they will give you for it. They even pay the shipping, you just print it out and tape it to your package. You also get a 3% bonus for electing to be paid by PayPal. I have worked with them for over a year and love the great way they are able and willing to help with any questions I have had. They also have an awesome incentive of $5 per person that you refer who sales them something!

These next companies are the survey companies that I have had success with. When I started doing the whole survey thing a couple of years ago, I signed up with every company I came across. These are a few that made the cut after the test of time. Some I get paid through PayPal, others by check and some with great prizes or Gift Cards. Check them out for yourself!

Opinion Outpost This is one of my favorites, as I tend to make more from it. They give me several surveys a week, and it doesn't take much time to work up to their payout of only $10. I get the checks about two weeks after requesting the payout.

Survey Savvy usually sends me a few surveys a month and promptly send checks when I request payment. They do not have a minimum payout amount, so I can request any amount, no matter if it's even $1.

Dollar Surveys is SUPER EASY. They send you a daily email, and sometimes all you have to do is click on a link and sign up for a newsletter. You get $1 for each of these surveys, and sometimes it can take up to 4 weeks to post to your account. That was why I was a little leary of this one at first, but it does work! They paid straight to my PayPal. You can earn around $30 a month for something that takes 2 min. a day.

Mindfield Online is another one of my favorites. Their surveys are generally short and easy. You earn around $1-5 average per survey that you qualify for. The payout is only $10, so it's very easy to meet! I usually get their checks within 2 weeks of my payout request.

Earn points toward checks mailed to you. I don't get as many surveys per week, but they are short and do eventually add up.

Focus Forward Online's surveys are usually fun and right to the point. They also have great focus groups you might be eligible for. The payout is only $10, so it's easy to get there. You tend to get paid a little more if you are invited to do a focus group vs. a regular survey. They email you the invitations right to your mailbox, so no need of having to check their website everyday.

American Consumer Opinion is also really easy to use. They to are emailed to you, so no having to check the site. They offer different cash incentives for the surveys you qualify for, and payout threshold is only $4. If you don't qualify for their survey they enter you into their $10,000 sweepstakes!

Send Earnings is a paid to read email site, it only takes a few seconds to click on these email and they can really add up. You can also take one survey a day and get paid. There are other ways to earn money through this site, like doing free trials (just don't forget to cancel before the time is up!), and signing up for things, but email and surveys are the two main ways that I use. It takes a while to earn that way, but for a couple minutes a day, it does eventually pay off.

Inbox Dollars is very similar to Send Earnings.

Opinion Square I get a few surveys a month and earn points toward merchandise or gift cards. I usually request the Starbucks card because I am an

Just Kids is a survey group focused on children's products and quite often asks for the child themself to take the survey. You earn points toward getting a $10 check mailed to you. I have to send a referral email, so if you send me your name and email address I will send it out to you.

Greenfield Online is a survey group that I get numerous surveys through. I get paid through PayPal or entries into sweepstakes. They let you know up front what your incentive is, so I tend to usually only do the ones that have a payment for it and not an entry. I can send you a referral for this if you send me your name and email.

Zoom Panel is another one that I can send you an email for. You earn points toward merchandise, and get 50 points for just signing up!

No, these amounts don't seem like much, but they do add up. For just a few minutes a day, I can get my PayPal account to grow and get a collection of gift cards to use for birthdays, Christmas or special occassions. We paid for 70% of this past Christmas with money that I earned online. Hubby was amazed!

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

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