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Monday, February 16, 2009

Bloggy Award!

Crista over at The Domestic Goddess gave me this bloggy award!

Now, to accept, I have to list 10 things and be completely honest. Hmmm, I better stick to things I don't mind anyone

1. I spend too much time on the computer. (If you notice I haven't been doing quite as many or in-depth posts, it's because I'm trying to fix this. I have some ideas on how to change up things without disappointing my readers and plan to implement some of them in the near future!)

2. As much as I love them, my kids sometimes get on my nerves. (Example---"Make me oatmeal, make me oatmeal, make me oatmeal!" While I'm trying to "potty".)

3. I care what people think, contrary to what I try to tell myself.

4. I hate to clean, but I love laundry (just not putting it away).

5. I can be a real grouch, sometimes, just ask my family!

6. I love getting FREE stuff, even if I can't use it. But I'm not greedy, so I do give it to someone else who needs or can use it, just as long as I'm the one who got it FREE.

7. I really can't read and watch TV at the same time, even though I tell my hubby I can.

8. I can't stand when someone knows how to do something and I don't, when I know it's within my limits. I'll learn about it, even if I don't like it.

9. I've dropped my hubby's dinner on the floor and still served it to him, when I was mad. (Thankfully, he doesn't read my

10. I weigh ----no, I'm not THAT honest!

I'm awarding this to I am Harriet, Dee at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House, and Valerie at Sweeps4Bloggers.

Have fun, girls!!!


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Dee said...

I realized that I never said thanks on here! I'm running behind but will post it within the next few days! :)