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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Store Deals...

I have been trying to find time to take and sit down and finish out the store deals, but I haven't been able to do it. Between the kids' birthday party this past weekend, the Holiday, driving my son to and from daycamp (40 min away) and now my little girl being sick, it's been a wild last few days! So, I'm going to forgo them this week.

I really hope that you all had a wonderful 4th. Even though our local fireworks were rained out, we had a blast. Due to work schedule challenges, that was the day that we chose to have the kids' birthday party. Their birthdays are 10 days apart, so we usually have one big party on a Saturday in between, but it didn't quite happen that way this time. The only day we could get everyone together was to have it on the 4th. Yes, the fireworks were canceled, but the kids all had fun with a water balloon fight in the rain. I actually wanted to get out and join them!

Here's my 2 birthday babes! Dakota is 10, now, and Haddie will be 4 next week. I love her face in this pic. She was embarrassed because her brother was hugging her in front of her



Jen said...

Cute kiddos and holy cakes! How many are there? I have the same dress Haddies is wearing for my 9 year old and she loves it. Thanks for sharing!

Jami said...

Thanks, Jen! LOL There are a total of 4 cake mixes and 2 boxes of twinkies. It was a pain in the you know what, but it's my favorite part of their birthdays.