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Friday, August 3, 2012

First Step in Earning Money From Home

I told you in THIS POST how i signed up with ZNZ\Key Marketing Network to start earning money from home.  Now, I'm going to describe my start to this little venture that I hope grows into something amazing. Going by my friends' testimonies it won't take long!!!

Step One  

Ok, to have Step One completed, you have to earn a total of 1.00 credits. On this first step, almost every offer is worth one credit, so it's super easy to complete.

I personally signed up for Equifax's Free Trial. My husband and I are going to look into buying a new home next year, so I was interested in learning my credit score. And it not only gives you Equifax's score, but the top three credit reporting agencies. I actually found where they showed two of our old credit accounts open that were actually closed. So all I have to do is fill out a simple report, they check for the facts and will correct the issue. And my score will go up a few more points!

Now, the free trial is for thirty days, and to keep your credit you have to keep it for at least 25 of those days. I'm going to probably cancel my membership after my 25 days because I don't think I would use the service enough to justify the cost. And as long as I cancel it by day thirty, there's no charge!

So, go CHECK IT OUT  for yourself! After you enter your information on the capture page, watch the video. I'll send you two emails to walk you through the process step by step (check your junk mail, if it's missing). There's no harm in looking!

After you sign up, every one of your referrals that completes Step One for you, will be $20 in your pocket!  And Step Two is even more!


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