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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ZNZ Step 2

Hello!  Sorry it's been a few days!  I'm still trying to cram in as much time with the kids as I can before school starts.  It's been a crazy busy summer!

Alright on to step 2 in ZNZ...Big Cash!

For those of you who haven't read my previous posts explaining what ZNZ is, check out THIS POST.

Once you finish Step 1, you will want to click on Step 2.
This step also requires 1.00 credits and the offers are not worth as many credits this step.  Why?  That's because with Big Cash the payout is bigger!  You go from $20 per referral to $60 plus bonuses per referral.

One thing I always want to remind you of... There is a place at the top of the screen (on ZNZ ONE and ZNZ Big Cash) that will tell who you are being referred by.  If it says you are not being referred by another user, contact your sponsor (the person you signed up under, or directed you to the site).  They can get this fixed, but it has to be done early in the process.

Ok, so I had to complete a total of 8 offers to complete this step.  Sounds like a lot doesn't it, lol?  It really didn't take that long, and some of the offers were ones I actually had seen and wanted to try.

Here's a breakdown:

  • Hydroxatone (beauty product)---.25 credits, $1.99 shipping, 30 day trial
  • Bellaplex (beauty product)---.25 credits, $1.99 shipping, 30 day trial
  • Cooking Pleasures Santuko Knife---.20 credits, $8.95 shipping, membership trial
  • eMusic (music downloads, free $10 gift card)---.05 credits, $0, 7 day trial
  • Upromise (earn $ for your kids' scholarships through using shopping cards like Kroger, etc)---.05 credits, $0
  • American Consumer's Health (health discount card)---.15 credits, $1.95, 10 day trial
  • Your Online Quote (auto insurance)---.10 credits (this did not credit, but in small print this was a warning, and I tried it anyway), $0
  • Vista Print (business cards, etc)--- .10 credits, $7.09 (shipping on 500 FREE business cards)

Now, keep in mind that there are lots of other offers, Netflix, Gamefly, coffee sites, all kinds of things.  These were just the ones I was personally interested in.   After trying out the products or services, make sure you cancel the memberships if you don't want them, before the trial is up. I flubbed a bit on one.

We don't download enough music to justify keeping the eMusic, but I was wanting a couple of albums, and wanted to see how much they would be after I got the $10 gift credit.  Well, they were super cheap, but I procrastinated downloading them, and the next thing I knew I had an $11.99 charge on my debit card.  I had been thinking it was a 30 day trial, and had somehow disregarded the alert I had in my phone reminding me to cancel it.  Sure enough, on day 7 they had charged me.  Now, when you get charged, you no longer have the $10 credit, but your $11.99 credit.  So I was able to get both albums, because of the low prices, but I would love to have used the credit and made sure to have cancelled in time.  Lesson learned...don't procrastinate! LOL

I had a grand total of 1.05 credits and was able to go on to Step 3!  This is the easiest step of all (no offers), you are basically just filling in information so they can set up your marketing page and get you your links and banners to advertise with (all totally FREE).

I want to take just a few seconds to explain a couple of things...

I did spend a total of $21.97, but I really wanted to check out the kitchen knives and get the business cards.  There are several free or lower cost offers I could have tried.  Sometimes these do meet their daily maximum quickly, but they reset at midnight EST, every day.  So I could have went much cheaper, even free, and YOU can, too.  Just one referral sign up will more than pay for anything you get through the offers.

You can check out the informational video after logging in to my capture page HERE.  Just fill in your name and email (phone is optional), watch the video and then check your email box.  I will send you two emails to walk you step by step through steps one and two and then subsequent emails for the rest. It never hurts to CHECK IT OUT...


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