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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update on ZNZ My Completed ZNZ Offers

How is everyone today!  I'm so sad summer is almost over, but I LOVE fall, and the brisk sunny weather it brings.

Just wanted to update you on the offers that I made with ZNZ, the work from home opportunity I'm currently doing.

I first told you about ZNZ HERE and HERE,  and then about the offers I completed HERE.

Well, things have went easily!  Thankfully, there have been no more "boo-boos", like with eMusic, lol.

I was able to call the same number and cancel the Hydroxatone and Bellaplex.  The only thing I didn't realize was that you HAVE to send back the unused portions.  No big deal, I did not see a big enough difference from my skin while using the product, anyway.  But,  I hadn't paid attention and had thrown away the box and prepaid return label to Bellaplex.  When I called they gave me return numbers that I had to write on each label, and put in with the product.  Hydoxatone I just put back in the same box, and stuck the label on after writing down the numbers.  Bellaplex, I just found a small box, and did pay about $2.50 shipping (they were mailing me another prepaid return label, but I was afraid it wouldn't get here before the free trial was up, so went ahead and paid for it.  Better to pay $2.50, than $70 for another month!)  Within a few days of mailing I received emails stating that they had received the products back and I was cancelled.  I'm filing these emails away in case there is any problem I run into, lol.

Equifax, Cooking Pleasures Knife and American Consumer Health were all very easy to cancel by phone, (and of course I was able to keep the kitchen knife I received).

Upromise is something that is free, earns money for the kids' college funds and I definitely want to keep using that!

Your Online Quote was not a sign up, just getting car insurance quotes (I did get some spam and a couple phone calls from this offering me auto insurance), so I didn't have to do anything with this.

eMusic I still haven't cancelled yet, my first month isn't up, and I'm having trouble with their music downloader. If it was just from the free trial I would have given up already, but since my "boo boo" I had to pay the $11.99 and definitely want my albums before canceling.  Speaking of which, I better do that today before there's another month added on... :/  But I've had an account with them in the past and it was easy to cancel.  I just did it online, no hassle.

VistaPrint is just an online printing store so there was no sign ups with them, except for my order, so nothing to cancel.  Now I do get some email from them every week or two, advertising their sales.  I actually don't mind because when I need to order business cards, etc. they offer some really good deals, so I like to keep my eye out.

See?  Nothing too painful, other than the eMusic "boo-boo", and the shipping for Bellaplex.  Both completely my fault, though, not the companies.

If anything changes, I will be sure to post about it though!

I do want to say that if you want to give ZNZ a try, there really isn't anything to lose.  All you have to do is find a friend/relative who will sign up, you can pay them back for any costs from your commission and even your left over commission will more than cover yours and their cost.

$20 for ZNZ One
$60 +bonus for ZNZ Big Cash
$15 approximate bonus for August
$95 total commission
-20 for your sign up cost (usually less---free to cheap---your choice)
-20 for friend/relative for signing up
$55 commission left over

Like I said...nothing to lose!!!


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